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Current Companies and Ideas
Current Companies and Ideas
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Ideas for anything & Everything

These are a few of the companies we currently have ideas for.

BUDWIESER: We have a complete C.G.I. ad campaign worked out for the Superbowl, which could be their best ads ever.

SEVEN-UP/WIMBLETON GAMES: We have an Idea for their ad compaign that would hit the Spot!

MOUNTAIN DEW: We have an idea for this which would give you the chills!

TACO BELL or KFC: The ideas we have for these guys would
Drive you crazy!

We have an Internet Based Business Idea, which could be worth at least 2 MILLION DOLLARS EVERY WEEK!

Or a toy which would have kids not only having fun,but it
could build their confidence.

We also have ideas for existing businesses to help them to grow!

If you have a product or service that needs ideas, or if you are an advertising agency and need a fresh perspective,
put us to the test!

If you are with any of these companies, or if you are interested in hearing more, please feel free to contact us.

Frederick "Joe" Wirkus III
1121 Monroe Street 874-2038737-2249

Phone: (865) 567-8483

Ideas4Anything is a division of:
Creation Station Advertising Agency


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